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Fully Clothed Sex
Thursday March 08, 2012
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As men, we spend a good portion of our lives trying to get the clothes off of women. From the time we hit puberty to the time we die, we are trying to get girls naked. Even if we are married, and settled, it is still a big deal to get a girl naked. After a while, we get desensitized to how great a naked woman looks, and start looking more at the clothing women are wearing. Fully Clothed Sex is one of the sites where we appreciate a woman's clothing as we are watching them get fucked!

The Good:

Clothed sex is a cool theme, that really isn't done a lot in major porn sites. I actually like the theme a lot. I'm not sure what it is, but for some reason when a girl is having fun with her clothes still on, it is a huge turn on. I should probably clarify the theme a bit for those who haven't seen sites like this. The girls are still clothed, but the skirts are hiked up and the panties are pulled aside for access to the fucking.

Fully Clothed Sex features some very attractive women on the site, who fit the theme well. These girls are good looking, European type women. The clothes they were are very professional, these are not girls getting fucked wearing their pajamas or wearing hood wear. The outfits they were are satin in many cases, which I think is an underlying theme here. The action here really varies between male female scenes and also some lesbian scenes. There are also a few threesomes involved here.

You can choose to either download or stream the movies here. Both options offer superb video qualities. You can download videos at 1080p, 720p, or 540p. All three qualities look good, with the highest offering nice HD video while the lower qualities give you a little relief in file size.

At the time of review, you have a total of 253 sets of Fully Clothed Sex. That is a huge amount of content, and the network you get here has even more content. In addition to that, the network sites are also very similar in fetish style. There are more fully clothed type sites, and that theme is present in a lot of the sites even if its not an overt theme.

The Bad:

I don't have much to put under the bad, really. They do everything pretty well, and the only way I would see not liking the site is if you really need your women to be completely naked.

The Final Verdict:

Fully Clothed Sex gives us a nice theme, a large amount of content, and is part of a great network of similar sites. I definitely recommend this site, and this network as a whole for anyone looking for some high quality, yet slightly different from the norm porn.

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