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Monday April 02, 2012

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Hardened, experienced porn stats sometimes offer things in porn that newer, amateur girls cannot. On the flip side, with amateurs, there is a nice air of newness around them. Sometimes you want the super hot porn star that you know can get it done, and sometimes you want the amateur that is a little less experienced but much more innocent. At Amateurs Raw, the selection is to go for the more innocent women.

The Good:

Amateurs Raw gives us a nice site design. The thing that popped my attention immediately is that for each girl, they supply a close up portrait that is rather large in nature. For some women it looks good, for others, the camera needs to stay a little further away. Next to this, there are fifteen smaller thumbnails of the action. Overall, this gives you a nice preview of the action and lets you decide if its something you would like to see or not.

The quality here at Amateurs Raw is also very good. Let me first say that they do a good job with the camerawork, making it look very professional and bright. The video quality is good too, especially if you go with the HD 1080 quality of streaming. The videos begin with a reality show type introduction of the girl, which I think is a pretty cool touch.

The word amateur in the title is a loose interpretation of the amateur theme. Any porn veteran will recognize some of these girls as girls who have been around before, but at the time of shooting they may well have been amateurs. Either way, these are not your homegrown type women- just porn stars that don't look quite as porn starry. Along those lines, the women are a mixture of younger teens and mid thirties MILFs. If you want, you can choose either coeds or MILFs as categories on the top of the page to limit yourself to those types of women.

There are 71 raw amateurs on the site. That is a good amount of content, and it is cemented by the fact that there are some really sexy women on here. Personally, I found myself wanting to check out more of the girls here than on a typical site I visit.

The Bad:

Amateurs Raw only features streaming videos, and there is no option to download the videos. The videos are presented in Flash format. Some internet savvy people will know how to capture a download of the streams, but that is not a step anyone should need to take. If we are paying money for the scenes we should be able to keep them.

Amateurs Raw hasn't been updated in the past three months. It seems the updates were coming on a weekly basis before that, so maybe the site has run its course and they have moved on to something else. Either way, you can't count on seeing further updates unfortunately.

The Final Verdict:

Amateurs Raw has a lot of good content, but also has some upsetting weaknesses. Overall, that brings the sites score down a bit, but I still enjoyed my time on Amateurs Raw and thought they had some good videos.

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