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Sunday September 28, 2014

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Adult DVDs are still great, actually even more popular than before due to our advances in technology and the Internet. Now you don’t have to sit in your car, drive to the closest sex shop, browse through a small selection and pay the highest possible price for a single title. Instead there’s more and more adult sites now that provide you with large quantities of DVD content, and one of the biggest and best of this kind is most definitely the site Movie Box. This mega DVD porn site is stupid large, almost as if there’s an infinite amount of content that will never cease to exist. Not only is there a mass volume of titles but a broad variety of top notch pornstars, niches and categories for fans of all different tastes you the fan may have.

The Good:

This large library of DVD titles don’t stay in the narrow when it comes to niches and a variety in sexual categories, in fact they’ve got it all, seriously, there’s anything and everything: amateur, pornstar, big ass, anal, big boobs, shemale, teen, lesbian, MILF, cream pie, POV, threesome, squirting, toys and so much more.

You can put together a countless amount of porn sites, even good ones with some maturity in quantity, and it would take a lot of them to even come close to this colossal selection of content. So far Movie Box has 11,437 amazing females found inside 10,843 DVDs with a current total of 60,467 scenes! The 60,000+ scenes offer you more than 150,000+ GB of video content. Each of the scenes also contain several videos within it, you do the math, unheard of with most sites, there’s only a few others who have such a skyscraper of a selection. How does a site grow to be this big? With a shocking rate of daily updates, these guys shoot scenes your way like they were being fired from a machine gun, members get regular updates of 30+ scenes every single day.

Each of these DVD scenes comes with a respectable amount of content, videos on this site average at about 20 to 25 minutes long, you will also encounter some scenes that may have lesser and even greater movie length. Content quality really varies depending on the scene and other factors like how old they are. Movie Box has been adding more and more high quality content, out of the 60,000+ scenes 6,782 come in 480p-720p high definition, the rest of them come with standard to high quality, and some of the much more older ones obviously do consist of some so so looking videos. Viewing options are decent, basically you can stream videos in full length Flash or downloaded in full length using WMV and MP4 formats. It would be cool to see maybe one or two more download options, but things are pretty solid nonetheless.

Really nice members area, I was able to watch exactly what I wanted to when I was looking for something specific. You can browse by scenes by their title, release date, highest rated, most viewed and upcoming. You can also filter through their extensive category list and model index. Get the hot DVDs you want with at a price you can afford, sign up here and get Movie Box for only $19.95 a month, that’s 33% off the regular price.

The Bad:

Like most DVD sites, the majority of Movie Box’s selection is not exclusive, rather a compilation of various studios. However you don’t get a compilation so large on just one site, so exclusive or not you’re getting a ton of hot movies. And also, unlike most DVD sites, some of these titles actually are exclusive, actually more than some, 13,891 of these scenes in fact are 100% exclusive. The site doesn’t have any pics either, would be nice to have, but this is commong of DVD sites.

The Final Verdict:

It’s simple, you like adult DVDs? Want an endless supply of content? Love the best pornstars and having the ability to pick and choose from any and every niche? If you answered yes to all these like a normal horny person then it would be abnormal and a shame if you were to miss out on Movie Box. It’s like the guys there don’t sleep, just work 24 hours around the clock, supplying you with an endless ‘A-Z’ of hot girls, niches and categories. One of my top picks of it’s kind, Movie Box caters to all fans and their cocks.

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Gio Says:

I was blown away by this site. They have so many full length DVDs here that you could spend months just browsing the site. I also really liked how the site is set up. It made finding my favorite girls and the movies I wanted very simple. This one gets a solid A from me.

Havana Says:

This is a massive site offered at a very good price. a friend of mine actually recommended it to me and I am glad he did. There is a massive amount of DVDs here to watch and download covering just about every area of porn you could want. I can't imagine there being a site out there that is a better value.

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