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Tuesday November 05, 2019

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Every now and then we get lucky and get a chance to review a new site just as it is being released. Passion HD is one of those sites. I love checking a site out when it is new because it gives you a very good idea of what they have planned for the site and what kind of attention to detail they put into the site before launching it. With this site I see some stuff that I like right away. On the tour they claim that this is the highest quality porn site in the world. That is a pretty bold statement, but I like that they aspire to deliver a very high quality product. The tour itself is very nice. It has previews of all the most recent updates to the site and there is a very good looking sample movie. So far everything looks good. Let’s jump inside and give this one a test drive to see how it all holds up.

The Good:

There is a lot to like about this site. The design makes it easy to navigate and you can see that they have planned ahead for rapid growth and plan to keep that ease of navigation central to the site. There are a few different ways to browse the scenes and there is a model directory that lets you easily find all of your favorite girl’s scenes. Right now the site is still pretty small with 1,300 different exclusive scenes, but it is growing fast with 2-3 updates made per week. At that pace the site will be getting big quickly and these browse/search features will become more and more useful.

Where this site really shines is in the quality of the videos they produce and the simple, erotic elegance of the scenes they shoot. First, let’s talk about the technical quality of the site. The videos are shot in 1080P HD and they shine with color, clarity and detail. You will see every little drip of cum or drop of pussy juice as if you were in the room. At full screen size the videos are still flawless looking. You can choose between watching the videos in Flash format online streams or downloading them in a few different formats including WMV and MP4. There are also versions for mobile devices so you can take this action on the go. Each scene also has a picture gallery. The pictures are actually just screenshots taken from the videos. Normally this would not be a good thing, but since the screenshots are taken from HD videos they actually look really good.

When it comes to the scenes themselves I was very impressed with their style and casting. They explain that they handpick every girl for the site and it shows. Each girl is hotter than the previous and there is not one girl on the site that isn’t very good looking. The action in these scenes is fantastic. They have put couples together that clearly have some chemistry and are into each other. There is a lot of kissing and touching and eroticism. The girls really appear to be into what they are doing and they are having fun. When the girls are really enjoying the sex it makes it that much hotter.

I found myself really enjoying what they have in this site and was even happier to see that right now we can offer you a full membership for just $17.95 per month which is a smooth 40% off just for reading this review.

The Bad:

If there is any negative to the site it is that it is still small, but with the fast updates that problem is being solved quickly.

The Final Verdict:

This is a site that is off to fantastic start. The videos look amazing, the action is top notch and the girls are red hot. As the site continues to grow it will continue to get better and better and improve on the quality base it has established. The foundation for a great site is here, let’s just hope they stick with the regular updates and keep the quality high. If they do, this is going to be a one hell of a site.

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User Reviews For: Passion HD
Jimmy Says:

This site has some of the most amazing HD videos I have ever seen. I also like that they update multiple times per week. The coolest part about it is that they shoot really erotic scenes. If these scenes don't get your juices flow you need to see a doctor.

phil Says:

Passion has some kick ass hardcore stuff in it. They find some of the hottest girls out there and pair them up with guys that they have some chemistry with so the scenes sizzle. The video quality is through the roof as well. This is a badass site all the way around.

Geri Says:

This is a pretty new site, but if this is any indication as to what they have planned in the future this is going to be amazing. The video quality is second to none and they do a hell of a job finding smoking hot girls and shooting very erotic hardcore scenes. This one is well worth looking into.

DirtyB Says:

Super high quality amazing site.

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