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Wednesday November 09, 2016

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Our Score
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It's not every day that we meet someone we want to spend a long period of time with. Sometimes, we just want something for the night. Occasionally, we will want that girlfriend for the night, not a one night stand, but a girl who will do all of the things a girlfriend will do, except call the next day! Tonight's Girlfriend can be a wonderful thing!

The Good:

Tonight's Girlfriend gives us an interesting theme. Basically, these are porn videos of a guy hooking up with a porn star just for the night. The porn stars are paid to satisfy the guys fantasies, for the night. Sometimes it is a role play fantasy (pretend you are my boss at work) and sometimes it involves light kink. The scenes are split up into the categories of kinky, role playing, dominating, submissive, and vanilla. Pretty unique and interesting way to split things up.

Tonight's Girlfriend really focuses on quality. The videos themselves look really good. They are shot, mainly in hotel rooms it would seem. The quality here looks good, and the camerawork is very professional. One thing the site really hones in on is close up shots, and with its superb quality they look very good up close.

The action on Tonight's Girlfriend pretty much falls into the same realm as most porn videos. It is mainly one on one action, with most of the videos just being typical blowjob and pussy sex videos. With that said, some of the videos do focus on domination and submission, but even those don't get too deep into the concept. Overall, Tonight's Girlfriend is basically some real professional looking, porn movie type scenes.

Tonight's Girlfriend has 120 sets of content, and is updated on a weekly basis. That is a pretty good number when you take into consideration the quality of the scenes that you get here.

The Bad:

The site is flash streaming videos only. There is no options to download the videos, unfortunately. That is a shame, because I would have filled up my hard drive with some of the excellent stuff on here. With that said, of course there are ways to get in and download streams if you are internet savvy, but you shouldn't have to go through those extra steps in my opinion.

Even though I found the content level to be sufficient, there aren't any bonuses here at all. So basically you are just getting the site and that is it. They don't even have the cheesy bonuses that the weaker sites offer sometimes. This site does offer good quality though, and is basically a throwback to the non network days of porn.

Finally, the site design is not really all that great. They have some nice, big preview pictures on the main video page, with five sets per page. The preview was nice, but what I didn't like is that if you go watch something from the third page, and then hit back, you are taken back to the first page. There was also no numbers on the bottom of the page to skip ahead and back pages. The design just didn't work well for me.

The Final Verdict:

Tonight's Girlfriend is flawed in some ways, but I did enjoy my time on the site. I wish they could fix a few of the bad things about the site, because the sets themselves are really enjoyable and the concept of the site was pretty cool. I would recommend this as a diversion from the network heavy sites of today, with a bigger focus on the quality of each scene and porn star.

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